Weekend Nose Surgery

Weekend nose surgery is more commonly known as sinus lifting. It is also known by other names such as maxillofacial surgery, facial plastic surgery, and facial reconstructive surgery. It is a plastic surgery that usually lasts for about one evening. Before the surgery, you will be advised to keep your nasal cavity clean. You will also have to make some lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and alcohol intake, as well as avoid any contact with the sinuses.

Patients who want to have a weekend nose surgery should be aware of how the surgery works. The surgeon will make an incision in the nasal septum at the point where the two nostrils connect to the nose. Then the surgeon will make incisions in the surrounding tissues to complete the surgery.

Visit website after surgery, the patient might feel some discomfort or pain. The incisions will be closed with sutures to keep the incisions from opening. There will also be swelling and bruising for about six weeks. In order to recover, the patient will have to take pain medication. The doctor will advise you of any post-operative complications and give you contact information for local support groups and insurance companies.

There are risks involved with weekend nose surgery. One risk is that the nasal bones may shift after the surgery, causing additional pain. Another risk is that the delicate facial structures might be damaged because of the surgery. This would require additional surgery or expensive corrective procedures. If a patient has a prior history of facial fractures, then the probability of getting them increases.

Patients who are considering this type of nose surgery must be aware of all the risks and side effects. The price of the surgery depends on many factors such as the location of the surgery, how much tissue is removed, and the amount of bone loss or muscle gain. Recovery time is another issue. The recovery time for a weekend nose job can range from a few weeks to several months. It may take longer if the surgery is performed at a different time of the month.

Weekend nose surgery is considered one of the best nose job options. This surgery is performed on patients with minor problems. Many doctors perform weekend nose surgery to give their patients a second chance at having a beautiful nose. Weekend surgery is an inexpensive alternative to the more costly cosmetic surgery.

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