Relationship: Have some freedom

when you are in a relationship it does not mean that you own the person. it does not mean that everything must go in your way. A relationship is about support and love for each other. when you love a person you have to do your best to make the other person feels that you are not a barricade to her happiness. To me a relationship is composed of two people that are willing to understand each other. We need a partner in our life that wants us to grow as a person. we need a partner in our life that will not make our life a lot harder. Ownership is different from partnership.

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When you say partnership you have to help your partner achieve his goals even if that means that you are not supporting it. when you stop your partner and tell him that you don’t like what he wants in life because it does not makes sense to you, you are becoming selfish. You are selfish because you do not want your partner to grow up and find himself. You should be the one to push your partner to do what is right. You should be the one to be the number one fan of your partner’s choice. Remember that you should not be the cause of your partner’s failure or sadness. You should be the one to be his strength. Many couple now a days are becoming selfish just because they are not matured enough to give their partner freedom. if your partner wants to spend some time with his friends let him. You have no right to stop him or her jus because you are afraid she or he could find better than you. What’s good about this freedom is, you will able to see how much your partner putting up to your relationship. You will know if she or he is serious with you.

It matters the most when you give your partner a freedom because you will see how much she or love you. Relationship is not about you always, there are two of you in a relationship. Never ask your partner not to go around with his friends or family just because you are not there. The more you are tight to your partner the more that he will mess up in you. Giving your partner freedom makes him or her realize that you are not choking him or her. You have to know that you are just in a relationship, you never own a life. Whatever path she or he choose let your partner be. Be there when they are victorious and be there when they loose. Making your partner feel that she or he still have the control of his or her life is an amazing thing. Because that’s the true meaning of love. love is setting free and if they love you, they will come back for you. And always have that mind-set so your relationship will grow.

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strengthening a struggling relationship

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. All couples goes through hard times that test the love and strength they have for each other. Commitment is not an easy stuff all of us went through hard times. If you are in a relationship makes sure that you capable enough of a responsibility. Relationship is not an easy task at all you have to be responsible and matured enough to handle things out. If you want to have a long and lasting relationship makes sure that you are able to do the things I listed below. if your relationship is struggling right now this article is right for you.

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Here are the things you have to follow in order to strengthen a struggling relationship.

1. Communication

Communication is really important in a relationship. This way you will know what is going on between the two of you. When you talk about things you can settle it directly. it is one thing that every couple should do. You should never allow a day or night to pass on if you have something to say to your partner. Whether you are happy or not you should always tell what you feel for so that your partner will be fully aware of what is going on.


One of the most important parts in a relationship is listening, hearing your partner side is really important. Having a partner that want to listen how bad your day was is essential. Its kind of relief when you have someone that is always ready to listen to you.

3. Transparent

Hiding something is one of the most causes of relationship fighting. And you know having a secret in your partner is not a healthy thing in a relationship. If you want your relationship to go on always be honest and tell everything to your partner. Even if it feels like they don’t understand at least you have peace of mind.

4. Forgiveness

Pride won’t do anything good to your relationship. if you love them person you are always willing to sacrifice for her. You are always willing to go down your pride just to understand your partner. No one is perfect they say and no matter how much we love the person we could not always be perfect. So maybe no matter what they did as long as it is not that big deal you are always willing to forgive your partner. Especially if they are really sorry of getting you mad.

5. A second chance

Whatever your relationship went through giving your partner does not make you less as a person. Love is about giving second chances to your partner. When you love a person you won’t just that give up for them easily. You always have the understanding and mercy for them.

There is no such thing as perfect love. Everyone goes through a hard times and it’s still up to both of you to continue what you have. You have to believe in the power of your love.

What really is the idea of a perfect relationship?

Simplest Music Instruments to Discover for Adults

When we get to seniority the most usual point is to rethink our activities and also expertise and also we pertain to question what we can commit ourselves to find out to make our regimen much more vibrant, because hey all of us require to get out of the comfort zone.

Lots of start to commit their time and effort to horticulture, reading, paint, writing, playing video games and discovering to play an instrument, considering that it is never ever too late to find out and that is what today’s article is about.

That’s right, below we will certainly talk about the instruments that have actually always caught your focus and how to learn quickly and conveniently, because all of us have that skill to manipulate it.

The first stage of the plan to find out to play an instrument is to play one that you like (certainly) as well as it is time to analyze the difficulty of finding out or the price of the instrument, although you can constantly select a previously owned one or someone you recognize can lend it to you.

Making clear currently these factors that will help you to have more clear your choice, we start with our list of the instruments with much less difficulty of knowing:


Finding out to play the guitar has actually always been a repeating desire for lots of as well as it is among the most convenient tools to find out in its early stages of knowing. It is the recommended selection of numerous and almost every category of songs has actually melodies made for guitar and think us that with method you will certainly become a pro in a snap.

Although, at first it will take a number of weeks to begin playing the notes properly and also for your hands to obtain made use of to the movements. You need to enlighten both hands to become solid and also active adequate to form the chords.

To do this it is suggested to practice every day for at least one hour. Nowadays there are numerous centers to find out just how to play this tool such as the guides that you will locate on-line free of cost.


Who hasn’t had an interest in the harmonica? Those charming noises that it produces, undeniably an excellent tool. This is an instrument simple to play, easy to find out as well as its sound is extremely stunning. It is also very easy to move, stylish and also affordable; you simply have to start blowing to hear your initial tunes, with time it will end up being an acquired preference.And if HARMONICA is so over-handle for you,pick giá đàn piano roland cause it easy and have a lot of tutorial videos on Youtube


It is similar to the piano, it belongs to the family members of wind musical tools. It is easy to transfer, since it is tiny as well as requires little handling of its tricks. It is certainly among the ariose tools easy to play.

It is not as popular as the previous tools however it is certainly a superb concept to discover to play it.


The amount of us have not seen a bongo? as well as immediately fall in love with its soft yet remarkable sound. It is a tool that would certainly be extremely simple to make the most of, given that we are typically developing tunes and beats with our hands as well as the bongo is ideal for that.

It is of a decreased size, easy to deliver, in technical matters you just need to strike them on top to obtain an audio, with time the hands are educated to fulfill the beats as well as some one-of-a-kind harmonious tones that just this tool can do.


It is a small and also variable instrument, its tunes are solid so it is just necessary to manage the input times as well as the intensity with which it is played. Definitely a simple musical tool to discover. This is among the easiest musical tools to play however most efficient to offer a harmonious touch to the composition.

The tambourine is one of the musical tools that belongs to the percussion family and also is within the group of framework drums. This is an instrument that initially look does not seem so difficult to play, however not playing it appropriately can lead to not so pleasant audios.

Consequently, there are millions of people that take into consideration every information of the tambourine prior to starting to play this tool.


It is an indigenous instrument of Polynesia, it is quite possibly understood in society. It is extremely enjoyable and also simple to play, since it only has 4 strings and also because of its form it appears like a toy. With it you can discover to play several tunes in weeks or maybe much less. It is maybe the easiest stringed instrument to play.